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While the directory is only accessible by verified health professionals and students, images are constantly added to the directory by practitioners and the general public – making it dynamic and ever expanding.

Contribute an Image to The Melanated Mammary Atlas®

Our image upload tool is available to anyone who has relevant images to share. Images are input using key descriptors that will ensure accurate and robust search results. Each image is also accompanied by a case brief further detailing how the condition was recognized and treated.



-"Pay What You Want" model 

- Allows for additional contributions
- Grants access to all features



any amount

Support the movement to normalize brown breasts® by making a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, F.L.O.S.S.  Be sure to indicate "For Lioness Lactation Cares" in the notes to direct payments to our charitable fund.

Community-based philanthropy

Our "pay what you want" pricing model allows for members to commit to monthly contributions above the base subscription rate. A portion of additional contributions will go back into communities whose families are most impacted by health inequities.

“…there is an underlying implicit racial bias in published images from medical literature… which could also contribute to inequities in health care.”

- (Massie et al, 2020)

This isn't a moment: it's a movement.

Join the movement to normalize brown breasts® today.

Image Search

Images can be searched by condition name or notable symptoms. Our exhaustive list of over 30 conditions ranges from common to rare, and will continue to grow as demand and image availability grows. Common search terms include:

- Mastitis

- Large Nipples

- Accessory Breast Tissue

- Candida

Drilling Down

Not only can images be searched by condition name and notable symptoms, filters are imbedded into the tool to further drill down by several History of Present Illness (HPI) indicators, such as:

- Pain Quality

- Severity

- Duration

- Location

Image Details & Case Study

In addition to each image having condition and notable symptoms metadata associated with it, each image is also accompanied by a case brief that expands upon those details and elaborates on the circumstances surrounding the assessment from the patient or provider perspective, allowing for fuller context for what is pictured.


The Melanated Mammary Atlas® prioritizes security and consent. Donated images are accepted only with proper permissions from the image owner. Also, we've adhered to the most strict standards of global information security to protect our users and image donors.

Non-downloadable Images

To ensure this directory is safe for all, images are viewable, but not downloadable or shareable directly from the tool. Monthly subscription affords members the opportunity to log in anytime to search and view the full directory, which is constantly expanding from new uploads. 

Image Attribution

In alignment with our commitment to accessibility and community, images will feature attribution so that members can see who owns the image and contact that person directly to request use outside the tool. 


This work is created for us, by us. The Melanated Mammary Atlas® was created by a Black board certified lactation consultant, informed by professionals whose work could be bettered by the tool, and based on insight from the communities that will benefit from its application.

Our Product

The Melanated Mammary Atlas® is a mobile-friendly web application that features a searchable directory of images of various breast-related conditions on brown skin. The tool allows for viewing of the single largest collection of such images for diagnostics, assessment, and education purposes.

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